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Prehistoric nuclear war史前核战争

As we all know, human beings have a history of textual research only 4000 years ago, but 7000 years ago, human beings built the pyramids of Egypt. The history of human clothing is only 4600 years, but 11000 years ago, exquisite bronze ware was found on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the traces of bullet passing through the iron nails 20000 years ago, the murals 30000 years ago and the bones of cattle and sheep 40000 years ago have also been found and confirmed around the world.

There are so many contradictory examples that scientists and archaeologists all over the world have different opinions.

Human evolution has a history of millions of years. It is estimated by C-14 isotopes that a certain high civilization has appeared as far as 30000-40000 years ago. Its large range indicates that human civilization has a heyday.

The earth has been attacked by floods, explosions and catastrophes more than once, so ancient civilization may be destroyed once and again, and ancient human beings may be born again.

All kinds of legends about the great flood can be traced back to 12000 years ago, which is at the end of the ice age. These legends can not only be regarded as myths. At the same time, it proves that human beings have "history" as far back as 12000 years ago, and are more developed than 4000 years ago or even today.

Atlantis may sink to the west of the Bermuda Triangle. From photographs taken in the water and field surveys, people 1000 years ago were able to lift hundreds of tons of boulders. The ruins of civilization before the "great flood" era, the vast and exquisite submarine walls and roads in the sea, are no different from the 7000 year old Egyptian pyramids which are regarded as mysteries today.

众所周知,人类有文字可考的历史至今不过4000年,但7000年前的人类却建筑了 埃及金字塔。人类穿衣的历史至今不过4600年,但大西洋海底却发现11000年前的精致铜器。此外世界各地还发现并证实2万年前的铁钉、3万年前的壁画以及4万年前的牛羊骸骨中子弹穿过的痕迹。


人类进化已有上百万年历史,通过 C-14 同位素精确测算某种高度文明远在3—4万年前即已出现,其范围之大,表明人类文明存在一个鼎盛时期。

地球曾经不止一次遭到大洪水、 大爆炸、大灾难的侵袭,因此古文明可能一毁再毁,古人类可能死而复生。


亚特兰蒂斯可能沉在 百慕大三角的西方。由水中拍摄的照片和实地勘测,1000年前的人类已能举起数百吨的巨石。“ 大洪水”时代以前的文明废墟,其海底墙壁和海中道路的浩大精妙,无殊于今日视之为谜的7000年前埃及金字塔。

In 12000 years ago, human knowledge of the universe may have exceeded today's; in 340000 years ago or more than 100000 years ago, human civilization may have several peaks. We only know that the peak of the history of earth civilization is created by human beings, but we can't know the process of human civilization.

The famous ancient Indian epic mahabalodo was written in 1500 BC, more than 3400 years ago. The historical facts recorded in the book are 2000 years earlier than that in the book, and the recorded events happened more than 5000 years ago.

This book records two Fierce wars between korava and pandava, frihini and anhaka people living in the upper Ganges of India.

The description of the first war in the book: "the brave atwatan, who landed in the water in Vimana, launched Agnya (probably like a rocket weapon), which was on fire, but smoke-free and powerful. In a flash, the sky of pandava was dark. Then, the wind was strong, the clouds were rolling, and the sand was constantly coming from the air. "The sun seems to be swaying in the air. This kind of weapon sends out terrible heat, which makes the earth shake and the mountains shake. In large areas, animals fall down, rivers boil, fish and shrimp all burn to death. When the rocket erupts, the sound is like thunder, and the enemy soldiers burn like burnt tree trunks. ".



此书记载居住在印度 恒河上游的科拉瓦人和潘达瓦人、弗里希尼人和安哈卡人两次激烈的战争。

书中第一次战争的描述:“英勇的阿特瓦坦,稳坐在维马纳(类似飞机的飞行器)内降落在水中,发射了阿格尼亚(可能类似 火箭武器),它喷着火,但无烟,威力无穷。刹那间,潘达瓦人的上空黑了下来,接着, 狂风大作,乌云滚滚,向上翻腾,沙石不断从空中打来”。“太阳似乎在空中摇曳,这种武器发出可怕的灼热,使地动山摇,大片的地段内,动物倒毙,河水沸腾,鱼虾等全部烫死。火箭爆发时声如雷鸣,敌兵烧得如焚焦的树干”。

The description of the second war is even more chilling: "gulka, riding the fast Vimana, fired a rocket at three enemy cities. This rocket seems to have the whole cosmic force, its brightness is like ten thousand suns, and the fireworks column rolls into the sky, which is spectacular. ". "The body was burned unrecognizable, the hair and fingernails were off, the pottery was broken, and the hovering birds were burned to death in the sky.".

Seeing this tragedy, modern people will immediately think of the power of the atomic bomb explosion. In the era of the atomic bomb, many scholars always think that the description in this book is "poetic exaggeration". But when the United States dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, they realized that their descriptions were as accurate as those of witnesses to the atomic bombing.

Archaeologists found many scorched ruins in the upper reaches of the Ganges river where the war happened. Large pieces of rock in the ruins were glued together and the surface was uneven. It takes at least 1800 degrees for the rock to melt, which can only be achieved by the nuclear explosion of the atomic bomb.

In the original forest of Deakin, more charred ruins were found. The walls of the ruins, the surfaces of the buildings and their stone furniture are "vitrified". The ruins of prehistoric nuclear war have been found in Babylon, Sahara desert and Gobi of Mongolia. The "glass stone" in the ruins is the same as the "glass stone" in today's nuclear test site.

"I believe that there have been several civilizations," said physicist Frederick Soddy. Human beings are familiar with atomic energy when they exist, but they are destroyed by misuse. ".

Most scientists think it's just an affiliation, not convincing. But some people insist that the earth has existed for more than 5 billion years, and that human civilization should be more than 5000 years.


见此惨状,现代人会立刻联想到 原子弹爆炸产生的威力。在原子弹尚未产生的年代,许多学者一直认为此书中的描写是“带诗意的夸张”。可是到了美国在日本 广岛和长崎投掷原子弹之后,他们才恍然大悟,其描写就像原子弹爆炸目击者一样准确。

考古学家在发生上述战争的恒河上游发现众多已成焦土的废墟。废墟中大块的岩石粘合在一起,表面 凸凹不平。使岩石溶化至少需要1800度,惟有原子弹的核爆炸才能达到。

在 德肯原始森林,发现更多的焦地 废墟。废墟的城墙、建筑物表面及其石制家具表层被“ 玻璃化”。 古巴比伦、 撒哈拉沙漠、蒙古的戈壁都发现史前核战的遗迹废墟,废墟中的“ 玻璃石”与今天核试验场的“玻璃石”相同。